At RPLG, we understand how hard it is to finance your real estate investment business after you get to your fifth property. We have created the Asset Based Lending Program (ABL) to help you tap into your equity, improve returns, and clear your personal credit lines. We like to think of this as a debt consolidation loan for your real estate investment business. To make this happen, we have structured a “commercial loan” that is available nationally. It is a commercial loan, because you have to borrow from us in a corporation. If you do not have a corporation, we can help you set up a new LLC. These loans are based on the cash flow of the properties, not your personal debt to income ratio. Some of the highlights are:

5 and 10 year fixed or floating rates
Up to 30 year amortizations (your choice)
Up to 75% Loan To Value
Up to a 1.20x Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
Recourse and Nonrecourse
All of your rental units in one loan
Single family
2-4 family
Condos and Townhomes
Mixed Use Commercial